Combat Drills for Next Level Fitness Training

This class is aimed at people who like a tough workout, which is challenging mentally and physically.

Each week there are different exercise drills for flexibility, speed and power — all the elements you need to take your fitness to the next level.

The class structure is in three parts over an hour and a half, starting with fitness training (circuits using bodyweight or various types of equipment), then moving into pad work drills as used in boxing training (not sparring), finally moving into combat training which is based on simple self-defence moves, while keeping high intensity throughout.

Where and when

Cheshire, Derbyshire & Greater Manchester

Nell Brown 6th Dan

There’s currently one class at New Mills Leisure Centre on Thurdays 6.30-8.00pm. It’s run by me, Nell Brown—I’m a fully qualified fitness coach with 35 years experience in fitness and strength training,  6th dan jujitsu instructor and elite boxing coach registered with the Hatton Boxing Academy.

More classes will be coming soon to Marple and Hazel Grove.

Please call me on 07790 511 473  or send an email via the contact form for more details.

Kit list

You will need focus pads, the curved shape shown on the left is the type that is most suitable, not the flat type shown on the right below…

High Peak-20140114-00171

High Peak-20140114-00166

The gloves you will need are 10-14 oz boxing gloves as shown on the left, and not the lightweight bag gloves as shown on the right below…

High Peak-20140114-00172 High Peak-20140114-00173 (1)

See you in class! Train hard, live easy!

“This class is awesome!”
—Helen Webster

Image:  Official U.S. Navy Imagery